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Learn More: videos: Pillai explains the numerical and spiritual significance of the special date ’11-11-11′ (11th 2011)

11-11-2011 is right around the corner; it is a very important date, time frame; why? because of the uniqueness of the numerical combination of 11-11-2011. There is tremendous amount of secrets behind numbers. It is unfathomable: you cannot even know how many secrets and how deep they are, behind numbers. Pythagoras speculated on the secret behind numbers.

The Secret of 11-11-2011
So 11-11-2011 has a secret and I’m just going to talk about one particular secret of this number. It’s a number for a new beginning. Why? Because it is 11-11. After ten (10), you have a new set of energy, a second beginning if you will. Instead of going back to one, we have 11. And invention of zero (0) itself is another mystical discovery and it has been to India, as you know. So instead of one, we have eleven (11). Eleven (11) is a new beginning.

Eleven and Vishnu, The God of Wealth and This World
That’s why in the tradition of the Vaishnavites, those people who are worshipers of Vishnu. Vishnu is the god of wealth and of this world. They have put a lot of emphasis on the 11th Moon, Ekadishi. Ekadishi, in sanskrit, means the 11th moon. In the 11th moon, there is rejuvenation, regeneration, a possibility for a new life, and especially when it is the month, the year, and the day; all are 11-11-11! There is a tremendous amount of energy of the 11 energy for rejuvenation, andf for regeneration.

How To Take Advantage of Eleven’s Divine, Sacred Energy
So what do you do on this day of 11-11-11 ? Do some acts of prosperity, for instance. It is a great day to start new ventures. It is a great day to be in touch with the energy of Vishnu,
The one mantra you want to use for eleven (11) is
the primary mantra for Vishnu is:
“Om Namo Narayanaya” (repeat)
You can repeat this mantra at least 11 times or 110 times would more The Mysteries of ELEVEN (11th moon)
If you want more information on Eleven, you want to Google engine] for information about “Ekadishi 11th Moon”.
There is a lot of done on the importance of ELEVEN (11).
So it’s a very important time and I want you to take advantage of this time period and this is why I wanted to do this small video clip for you.

Learn More: video about Ekadishi: videos: :.


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