Numerology Tarot

D. Back by popular demand, this seminar reveals helpful guidelines from Kabbalistic Numerology on the cycles of change we have been in since the New Millennium, and what is in store for the new year.

This PART 2 video covers an introduction to the Tarot Tableau, the 231 Gates Kabbalistic Wheel, and Dr.

By watching the full seminar you will gain insight on how to best harness and flow with the energies of 2017, including:

* The influences of 2016 and 2017 on personal and collective Awakening & Transformation

* How the year 2016 asked us to cultivate Endurance, Courage, and Faith, as it brought Sudden Changes.

* What the overarching themes are for 2017, that will show us where to find the Light in the Darkness, bringing Hope, Inner Guidance,
Turning of the Tides, Good Fortune, and Magick

* What challenges to watch out for, so you can avoid the pitfalls.

* How to best harness the different elements at work to achieve a synergistic and dynamic balance.

* Learning about the alchemy of life and the journey we are on to awaken the “gold” within us and our society.

* Gain insight and foresight into the 22 year cycle we are currently in the middle of, what themes we’ve been through so far, and where we are heading into the future.


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