Numerology Numbers

Numerology reading 2017 – Numerology has close associations with Astrology as both of them operate on the basis of qualitative perspectives and not just the quantitative analysis.

According to numerologists, 2017 is the Universal 1 year of the millennium. The number 1 signifies new beginnings. The year 2017 urges us to make new beginnings, make use of our leadership skills and bring out our distinctive characteristics. This year would be the time to celebrate your individuality, initiatives and newness. Like everything else, number 1 too has positive and negative aspects to it. On one hand where number 1 introduces newness, uniqueness and creativity in our life, on the other hand it can induce anger, aggressiveness, violence and cruelty in people. Understanding these traits of the number 1 can help one to benefit from the positive aspects and try to tone down the negative ones.

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