Numerology Documentary

350, THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER Film Documentary Winner Award of Merit at Accolade Competition. The extra CO2 in atmosphere is trapping heat & threatening life in our precious planet. A group of visionaries, scientists, farmers & communities focus on solutions that can help create a healthier planet for all of us. This new progressive life style regenerates the soil, creates healthier food, builds communities, & most importantly increases top soil. Top soil, the skin of the earth, & where the life of the plant exists, is where our food comes from. According to many scientists, ranchers, & environmentalists, by increasing the top soil, we can pull the extra CO2 in atmosphere back into soil & fix the global climate change. But we all have to get involved and be a part of this solution.

We use the art of film to create A Healthier Planet for all species. Commitment to making honest, deeply and groundbreaking films to nurture and evolved culture on our planet; Commitment to showcasing most reliable and proven options for advanced & sustainable transportation, housing, and food, and Commitment to sharing with the world the critical thinking, the scientific and engineering understanding and the proven products and technologies of a permanently sustainable culture.

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