Numerology Proof

9 is most evil and 11 is the magic force. So 9/11 is evil magic.

The Pentagon has 5 sides, is 5 stories high and has 5 rings. 5x5x5. In simple gematria, The Pentagon has a value of 125 or 5x5x5. Exactly 125 people that were looking for the missing 2.3 trillion dollars in The Pentagon were killed on 9/11.

77 is power. The Pentagon is 77 feet tall. It is on the 77th meridian west. It is alleged that 5 terrorists highjacked Flight 77, a 757. Flying over Washington DC as the attacks occurred was an E4-b with the call sign VENUS77.

The World Trade Center in simple gematria is 218. 218 plus the 125 from The Pentagon is 7 cubed. Not included in the video is that including the vicsims, there were 343 (7 cubed) firefighters killed at the World Trade Center.

Finally if The North Tower The South Tower (which is 386 in simple gematria) is added to the 7 cubed, it is 9 cubed..


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