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The way I feel while playing this kind of music, is like swimming in the spiral of thought.
As the cosmos expands, so does the mind. Unlike the cyclic structures, on which an improviser defines his language, ONE VIBRATION is music of- becoming.
The Universe is contained in this music and this music contains the universe.
As much as the top is down.

We are like dwarfs on giants shoulders. We can see more than them and things are at a greater distance not because of the virtue of our sight sharpness or for any physical distinction but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.


“ONE VIBRATION Holistic Music Experience” is ALUEIs latest double album, the-award-winning-composer-and-multi-instrumentalist Louis Sicilianos new artistic name. An artistic development, matured through a holistic approach.
“In the beginning was the word”, where verb, according to the original Aramaic meaning, means vibration.
The structure of this double Album (nearly 2 hours of music) tells us a total connection with the Cosmos. One Vibration was recorded during different hours of the day to use as many vibrations as possible according to our position relative to stars and planets. In the ancient Indian Tradition the relation of the performance with the hour of the day is a very important factor because it determines the “emotional qualities” of music (rasa).


“ONE VIBRATION Holistic Music Experience” contains eight tracks. The choice of this number is not at random. The number 8 is one of the oldest symbols in all Tradition.
Eight is the number of the wind rose at the Tower of the Winds in Athens and of the petals of the lotus and, according to the Buddhist terminology, the paths of the Way.
Universally regarded as the number of cosmic equilibrium, eight is the symbol of infinity, where nothing ends. It is a reflection of the spirit, the immeasurable and indefinable. Eight, being the sum of 4 + 4, is a pragmatic number, as it enhances the concrete and tangible nature of the number four.

The number 8 appears in many religions. The number 8 plays, in Tibetan culture as much as in the world, a favourable value. In the Christianity, Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, proclaims the eight beatitudes.
Accordingly with the Egyptians myths, Thoth created the eight gods and founded Khmun, later called Heliopolis, “the city of Eight. ” In the German-Scandinavian mythology, Sleipnir, the great horse of Odin, has eight legs. In India, Durga, the warrior goddess, is represented with eight arms. Eight are the Avatars of Vishnu, eight Chinese immortals, eight trigrams of the I Ching. A unique mix behind the border.


Another peculiar feature of this album is that all musical instruments are tuned to 432 Hz. The choice of this tuning is not unintentional. Our planet, its a proven fact, echoes around a frequency of 8 Hz and the tuning to 432 Hz is the closest to the Nature. It is no coincidence that this was the musical geniuses favourite tuning such as Mozart and Verdi. It has also been scientifically proven that music played at 432 Hz, also known as the Golden tuning, brings enormous benefits to the listeners health.


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