Numerology Proof

This video demonstrates the features and functionalities of the numerology calculator. All You need to enter is your date of birth and name (either full name as on certificate or generally used name). Providing the above inputs this application calculates 4 Core elements and 4 Supportive elements in the given name and date of birth using:

1) Pythagorean Numerology
2) Chaldean Numerology

Major Core Elements:
1. Life Path Number.
2. Birthday Number.
4. Soul Urge or Heart Number.

Apart from the above 4 Core Elements this application also calculates and display important elements such as :

5. Alphabet count in the given Name.
6. Vowels in the given Name.
7. Consonants in the given Name.
8. Personality Number.

Cool and Attractive feature of this application is that, all the calculations according to both the systems, displays on the same screen in one shot.

This application is designed to fit in any smart phones as well any tablets using android operating system.

Madhu G, Numerologist


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