Understanding Numerology

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If you frequently find yourself seeing specific number patterns over and over again then they could be messages from the universe in the form of ‘angel numbers’. These numbers are designed to guide you throughout your life and to ensure that you stay on the correct path and in today’s video we’ll be taking a closer look at the angel number 404 and at what it means for you if you start to see 404 throughout your life.

In numerology the number 404 meaning is determined by isolating the individual numbers and then look at each numbers meanings. For example the number 0 symbolizes infinity and relates to the energies of eternity. The number 4 on the other hand signifies service, effort, passion and drive.

Combined these numbers create an angel number of 404 and if you see this number then you should rejoice because it’s a sign that you are on the right track of your spiritual path and it’s the universes way of letting you know that your hard work is paying off!


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