Numerology Expression Numbers

Find your destiny number number 1 Meaning
1 vibration lends itself well to executive positions, creative fields and self-assured situations.Obviously this is where they would function most comfortably, happily and successfully.

Career :
They can use their intuitive insight as a business executive, writer, ambassador, architect, designer, neurologist, radio/TV station manager, film or radio director, director, department head, attorney, surgeon, psychiatrist, film producer, artist, actor, broker or money lender, flyer, inventor, publicist or promoter, dean, explorer, army officer, personnel director, diagnostician, director of talent office or employment bureau, analyst , critic, newscaster, politician.

They need a field that allows them to experiment and to use their ability to the fullest.They must take the reins and be in a position of should elaborate on every thought or idea..


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