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Numerology is an ancient and controversial science that has been around for several thousand years dating back even before the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (born about 570 BC) and can be found in cultures throughout the world. defines numerology as “any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a count or measurement and life”. You have probably experienced some kind of “coincidence” yourself; when a number, or date or some repeating number caused you to take notice of it and made you ponder its relevance. You even have a number you consider to be your lucky number. St. of Hippo (A.D. 354–430) who was very influential in the development of Western Christianity wrote “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” He believed that everything had numerical significance and it was up to us to use our minds and study these relationships. Men like this paved the way for the study of numerology and it still continues today. There are even numerology calculators now for those that have combined modern technology with ancient studies
OK, so you’re not an ancient philosopher and wonder how all of this pertains to us living today? Numerologists believe that numbers are tied up in every aspect of our lives. From our name to our birthday, numbers explain many things about us. The study of numbers and their relevance to our lives has persisted through time and has been present in cultures around the world way before they had the ability to communicate with each other, so this is a belief or science that has stood the test of time.
So what to believe? There is enough evidence out there to at least give you reasonable doubt and make you consider that the relationship of numbers and our lives are related. But it’s hard to present absolute proof, so you are left to your own decision.
This short report was created to make you take a look at both sides of the subject and give you an opportunity to experience numerology personally. is a high ranking Alexa and one of the most credible on the subject you can find. At this you can receive a numerology reading based on your name and birthday of charge and have a close up look at what the best in this field have to say about you, based on the numbers of your life. If it looks and smells like a pile of steaming manure to it off and continue on your way. If it rings true, you can continue on to learn more. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the controversial subject of numerology. Just the for a reading. numerology


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