Numerology Guides

I’m so happy to be able to do this Give Away with you beautiful people!! Tune in soon for the videos of our sessions. I can’t wait to see what we do next.

To watch and read other things by me, visit:

I’m excited to meet you and share our experiences!

Feel to about videos you would like me to create. Here’s just a little teaser of what our topics of conversation can be…

being spiritual and spirituality, how to heal, the soul, life purpose, being psychic, being intuitive, the term gifted, healers, spiritual therapy, spiritual development, life paths, the claires: being clairvoyant, claircognitive, clairsentient & clairaudient, inter dimensional beings, ets, magic, paganism, wiccan, dreams, astrology, numerology, reading cards, spells, runes, casting, rituals, scrying, power points, crystals, portals, lei lines, spiritual protection, manifestation, ascension, enlightenment, contracts, shadow work, lucid dreams, astral travel, visions, spirit journeys, familiars, totem animals, guides, higher guides, gatekeeper guides, spiritual teacher title, breathing, mediums and mediumship, gaia, energy and energy work, light bearer, light worker, star seed, etheric beings, angels, multidimensional beings, intuition, guidance, channelling, elementals, chakras, harmonic healing, frequency therapy, light therapy, Reiki – and the list goes on. lol

Let’s have some fun!.


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