Numerology Proof

TO ODD TV HERE we call “planets” today were called wandering stars by the ancestors. In ancient cosmology, there are 7 wandering stars and this includes the sun and moon. All wandering stars were personified into Greek deities and this explains why earth is the only so called “planet” that is NOT named after a Greek deity! It’s because the deities were given attributes that were based on the behavior of their wandering star/planet but since the earth /heart was always to be stationary and at the the heart of the cosmos it was hard to personify along with the other 7 wanderers that became named after Greek deities. All early personifications of earth deities are all centered around mother goddesses and cosmic egg creations. THIS VIDEO DISCUSSES MANY OTEHR TOPICS, SOME ARE THE FOLLOWING: The Jewish Menorah, The GD Pitchfolk coincidence? , Norse cosmology and myths, giants, bee goddess/hex politics, life/death/cosmic journey, terra mater, perception and much more!!! We are being ruled by heliocentric, Copernican, sun worshiping atheists who have hidden mother nature and manifested chaos on earth by creating chaos in our minds. if your cosmology is chaotic, then your deities are chaotic and if your deities are chaotic then the people will be chaotic. As above so below! Much love! Shout out to my patron family!!! These videos would not be possible without the support of you all and my patron family! Shout out to my family of patrons: Patrick Emery from the Youtube Channel: Will B. Black Star Line , Alyster Edwards and Andy Mcrory (UK)…….much love!!!
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