Numerology Proof

Numerology is a method of divination that uses numbers as symbols of the different vibrational patterns which make up our human experience. Through Numerology, youve got a system that allows you to understand the qualities of the universal and personal vibrational patterns that make up your life. You can also calculate the changes in your relationships throughout the years.
Some teachers of the Yogic wisdom tradition say that we have 6 physical senses and 108 astral senses. In everyday life, we filter most of what we receive so that we can focus on matters of immediate importance. We have a hard time seeing numbers as anything other than ciphers for quantities and measurement, because thats how we use them every day.
Numerologys 2 Schools
There are two major schools of Numerology practiced today, the Modern system and the Chaldean system. Modern Numerology claims a lineage going back to Pythagoras, but the story of his invention of a new number system was made by Philolaus who was born 25 years after Pythagoras death, and after the original mystery school burned down. None of these facets can operate on their own, because they are the three legs of the tripod upon which Numerology stands.
The first would be Numerology itself; the understanding of the numbers as symbols for vibrational patterns. K. Rowling Arithmancy. Arithmancy is the set of techniques used for manipulating the numbers and extracting the meaning from their various relationships. Arithmancy gives us the ability to find the definitions we need and the information we seek.
The third facet of Numerology is usually called Kabbalah. This term is borrowed from the system of mystic cosmology developed by ancient Babylonian and Hebrew sages.
Using Numerology to Navigate your Life
Numerology is a profound and reliable way to examine your inner nature, and look at the various psychological, physical and spiritual processes that make up your life experience. It can give you deep insight into what makes you tick, and provides an excellent way for navigating the currents of daily life.
Whether your goals are romantic, material or spiritual, it can help you reach them with less difficulty and fewer delays. Numerology can help you learn how to emphasize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses almost anything you need to know can be found within the vibrational patterns and their cycles defined by the numbers


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