Understanding Numerology

Numerology Compatibility Reading – What Will Your Reading Reveal? – Numerology and the Key Benefits of a Numerology Compatibility Reading

Numerology is basically the study of the effect numbers have on our lives. It takes information like your birthdate, name etc. and gives us insight into a whole new world of information. Numbers and their importance have fascinated people for centuries. In the present age numerology has become even more popular with its regular mention in media and the availability of easily accessible online numerology services.

Numerology can gather information from a variety of sources. It can take into account the alignment of planets at the time of your birth; it can give importance to numbers that have been constantly occurring in your life, the sequence of numbers that constitute your birthday etc. Though the branches and beliefs associated are varying, the basic premise remains the same Numbers are an integral part of your life and are closely with your personal traits and your future.

Applications of Numerology

Name numerology is a very popular branch of numerology. Here we use an individuals name and birthdate to study his or her key personality traits. People also have adopted the practice of changing ones name to bring luck and good fortune based on numerological insights. Numerology is also used to identify which colors be good for you. Also there be specific colors for the different occasions that come up in your life.

Gems and gemstones are also worn by people who follow numerology. They believe wearing a certain gem can help you steer clear of misfortune and bring success. And the most important feature is the ability to predict your life path. Thought this is not an accurate science it can nevertheless give you a heads up on upcoming events.

Key Benefits of a Numerology Compatibility Reading

Helps us understand who we really are Numerology help an individual understand ones own strengths and weaknesses, and helps you understand why you make certain choices. It also helps you form strong, long lasting relationships by providing insight on what you and your partner or friend expect from each other when together.

Avoid Bad Situations and Capitalize on Opportunities

Life has its ups and downs and with proper understanding of numerology concepts you can begin to predict these events. This helps you be prepared to grab an opportunity when it come knocking or plan ahead for a crisis that occur in your life.

Know your Strengths and Specialties

Based on your birthday and other numerical aspects of your birth and life, numerology can help you identify your key strengths. It helps discern the special talents that you possess and points you in the right direction. You can try your harness your true potential and make it big in todays world.

Understand Karmic Debt and Learn Life Lessons

In each human lifetime we carry energy for learning certain life lessons. These lessons are rooted in Karmic Debt which we carry from one lifetime to another. Numbers like 19, 16, 14, 13, 7, 5 and 4 indicate karmic debt in your numerology reading.

There are a multitude of numerical concepts which can open the doorway to something special. It can help shape the way you think and behave.

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