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5, 2016 Gematria Numerical Value
Gematria Numerical Value is there any truth? How far do we take this? Why should there be truth in Gematria? Gematria is in every Torah portion each week. Last week was the story of the spies; this week Korach, a cousin of Moses cause an uprising. Other complaints were against God; this is against Moses. Korach accuses Moses of nepotism and raising himself higher than everyone. When moral of the Israelites is at lowest point, when told their generation will not enter the Land of Israel: a good time to start an uprising.
Every letter of the Aleph Bet has an associated number. Rabbi explains how to count.
To Stand Up equals Division, the break apart
Korach selects the chosen of the community. The word “Krieh” spelled without a yud (equal to ten) alludes to the fact that through the rebellion they violated all God’s commandments.
Moses “falls on his face” is the same Gematria of accusation that he was an “adulterer”
Words share the same numerical value.
Hasidic perspective on the midrash.
Every person helps each person pray directly to God, having a personal relationship, without an intermediary.
All the ORAL LAW given to Moses is alluded to in Gematria. The truth is reflected in the fact the numbers are shared.
4 dimensions of Torah.
1. PISHAT the literal meaning. Straight forward. However, Eye for Eye should never be read “Literally” Rashi’s Rule – is explanation helps understand Pishat. He only wrirtes Gemateria for phrases that cannot be understood without it.
You can read a regular story, law,
2. REMEZ illusions, hints that is not explicitly stated inside the verse. Gematria is in Remez. The verse says one thing, but alludes to a different idea.
3. DRUSH is homiletic interpretation of the Torah. MIDDRASH – A world lesson. out a deeper meaning.
4. KABBALISTIC SOD. A Secret that comes from the mystical plane.

The name of God. We have a tradition. When God restricts and limits versus when God reveals through revelation.

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