Numerology Documentary

One of Jens favorite ways of receiving messages is through the numbers. Numerology is an Ancient Science developed by Pythagorus 2,500 years ago. It is a simple and easy way to discover your LIFE PURPOSE in this Lifetime. You will not only uncover your PERSONALITY traits you will uncover those of your loved ones as well. This will help you better interact with your family, friends and Jen Card Deck By Jen: shows include subjects that include How To, Alternative Medicine & Health, Ancient World, Artwork, Comics & Multimedia, Creatures, Myths & Legends, Current Events/Economy, Extraterrestrial, Miscellaneous, Mysteries & Anomalies, Nature, Environment & Earth Changes, Pop Culture, Prophecy & Predictions, Psychology & Mind, Science, Space & Technology, Spirituality & Occult, Supernatural & Paranormal, The Moore Show, UFOs & Aerial Phenomena, Weird & Bizarre. Coast to coast am.


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