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If you want to come and learn more about numerology then simply feel to on the below to go directly to my other follow me on me as a friend on read my popular on how names and numbers influence current events and celebrities’ lives (you get my just for signing 3:38 am, Keep waking up at 3:38 a.m., numerology 6, 2008 … For the past year or so I have been waking up from a sound sleep at 3:38 am. … You say you’ve seen 3:38 often. Considering the number 338, … 38 reduces to 11 (3+8=11) and 11 is a Master Number, as is 22, 33, 44, etc. numbers and the 11:11 Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
In 1991/1992 the number 11:11 was issued to humanity as an activation number. …. It is turning you nose up at earthly limitation and walking forward and All Humans Were Really Just Big Walking Numbers, What Number 5, 2009 … Other 11 Answers to If all Humans were really just big walking … 4, because it’s always been one of my favorite numbers, and it’s also one of my numerology numbers. … 1 because its the lonelyest number that you ever knew … If left is right and right is left in a mirror, why isn’t up down and Do I Always See The Time 11:11 and 1:11 : 2012 Forum – 25
11 posts – 10 keep waking up for no reason and looking at my clock. It’s always 11:11 pm. shadowmancer471 … You are supposed to make a wish on 11:11. Didn’t anyone tell you that? … I also have my numerological birth number 7. Results
YouTube – 2009 Forecast – Numerology Number 11 Helps You]
2009 Forecast – Numerology Number 11 Helps You] … entire year of 2009 we have the Universal number of 29/11/2 affecting us. … which Wait for 2012: How Numerology Number 11 is Affecting You NOW …
2012 and How Numerology Number 11 is Affecting You Now Do you feel it too? There is a tangible electric energy in the air. We are in full swing in the year and Business Success with Celebrity Numerologist Tania …
Rob McNealy interviews Tania Gabrielle, celebrity numerologist and about how the numbers behind names and important dates can impact your

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