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For this weeks column, Im am doing something different. I am doing a Destiny number reading, which I dont normally do for this column. By the way, if you want to submit a question, go here. Destiny number is defined as the number that describes how one will their life purpose, which is described in the Life Path number. The Destiny number reveals the area in which opportunities will arise. It is up to the person to decide whether or not to take up the opportunity.

For me, personally I had many opportunities in my career which I refused. The reason was that it didnt match the ideas or expectations of what I had in mind. I also didnt think I was talented in these areas.

Straight out of university, I was offered a gig in copywriting for the catalog department at a major department store. I said no, I didnt think I was a writer. Little did I know a the time, I am meant to be a communicator and myself, as I am a 3 Life Path. Because it was so challenging for me to openly myself, I chose other forms of such as fashion. With fashion, you dont have to say anything to make a statement.
But this wasnt enough for me, and I kept looking for fulfilment in different vocations.

I have a 14/5 Destiny number, which in Numerology, 14 is known as the Media number. So no wonder my opportunities came to me in the form of media. In university I got a job as a teaching assistant where I was in charge of the presentation media for lectures. I always got positive feedback from students about the visuals I prepared. Now I am finally embracing this energy and finding fulfillment through creating videos and writing posts.

The Destiny number is the second most useful number for finding career direction. The first step is to understand your Life Path number, from there you can move forward to fully embracing your Destiny.

Every week, I answer questions from readers and viewers of my and YouTube channel. I will answer your questions based on your personal Numerology. Youre invited to submit a question! I can answer questions in in the following areas:

-Relationship compatibility issues with partners, friend, or family.

-Career direction, please include your birth date and details about your current work situation, background and interests.

-Personal Year Cycle, whats going on with you? What are you concerned about? Please provide birth date.

-Numbers that seems to follow you. What do they mean?

-Your questions about Numerology in general.

If you’d like to ask a question to be considered, please send them via my form privacy is important to me. All questions will be and your personal details will be omitted.

Thank you!

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