Numerology Proof

Hurricane Harvey was the cover for a massive ritual sacrifice for the total solar eclipse in the United States. This event was paid tribute through the scripting of Super Bowl 51 and the recent “biggest fight of all-time” between Floyd and Conor McGregor.

In this video, you’ll see how these rituals were coded out by the same numbers, ultimately foreshadowing the coming storm in Even the key political figures were coded and placed in office on particular dates.

Wake up America: Your elections are rigged, your politicians are paid off, your news doesn’t tell you the truth, and the biggest threat of terrorism stems from our own federal to Gematria:
Exhibition (~22 minutes): of Time (1h 16m): Feature on Steve Harvey: OF THE ALPHAS America: Online Calculator: – Gematrinator Server: – @Gematrinator: case YouTube removes my channel – – Gematrinator_64:.


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