Understanding Numerology

Numerology, Islam and the significance of the number 19 are explored with Afif Shoucair and his son, Benjamin Shoucair. We look at the power of numbers, hidden meanings in Islam and prophecy, the trinity, the prophet Muhammad, and more with the scholars in this Buzzsaw BIO:
Benjamin Afif Shoucair: Servant and submitter to God/Allah Creator of the universes and beyond / world peace activist/ artist, inspirational spirit, to awakening spirits to kindness and divinity. Born in Garden City Michigan, inspired by good family, good people and good works for instance like mysterious 19, and anyone that spoke of world peace, unity, equality, opportunity, and true love for all.

ADDL Full Short Clips BREAKDOWN:
00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:30 Introducing Afif N. Shoucair and Benjamin Shoucair.
01:00 The Quran, and the mysterious number 19.
09:00 The Circle of God. the Trinity, the prophet Muhammad, and divine numbers.
16:30 Why 19 is a miraculous number, miracles from God, and prophets.
20:50 The unity of mankind and religious belief.
25:30 Chromosome 19, human cells, sperm, and eggs.
39:30 The numerology of 19.
45:00 and goodbye..


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