Numerology Documentary

Jay Weidner on Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren. Recorded on 18th, 2007.

‘Documentary Filmmaker Jay Weidner Return to the Program to Talk about his Latest Projects, the Future, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys. Topics Discussed: What Jay’s been up to since we last Spoke, Nobel Price: Doris Lessing – Canopus in Argos Series, Film, Non-Fiction vs Fiction, Synchronicity, Future, Awareness, Appreciation, “Luck” Experiment, Pattern Recognition, The New Nostradamus Documentary, History Channel, 2012 the Odyssey? The Georgia Guide Stones, Built by Guide Stones, Benjamin Franklin Magic Square, Depopulation, Time, Who are the Elite? New World Order, the Royalty, Split within Around 1750 – 1820? The Illuminati, the Alchemists of Old, the Good Guys Operating Behind the Scenes, Industrial Age, Timewave 2013, Film Locations, Peru, People of Peru Genetic Connection with the Tibetans, Alchemical Traditions Intact Down in Peru, A New Human and much more. Do NOT Miss our Awesome Interview with Jay on Benjamin Franklin’s Magic Square, Numerology, Geometry & Gematria and much.


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