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1. Learn counting number 1 to 10 -Learn 123 number for kids – Educational for Learn math for Kids -Learn 123 number for kids – Educational for Learn couting number 1 to 20 – Best app for kids 2016 – Learn english for Learn couting number 0 to 9 – Best app for kids 2016 – Learn english for kids
Learn counting number 1 to 10, 1 to 20 and math number -Learn 123 number for kids – Educational for Learn for Kids, childrent with babybus funny – Best app educational for Endless Number counting 1-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, Learn alphabet abc and Number – Trace Letters & Words with Writing Wizard ABC Song for Kids and More – Learning english For Learn writing alphabet from a to z with app for android and ios 2016 – App Learn shapes for Kids – Best app Education for Learn colors for kids – Best Game Learn for kids Let your toddlers learn math in a fun way! Kids Math 123 is an easy math game for toddlers and kids to help them understand counting and numbers. With a learning and quiz mode, you can join your toddler to learn math in a fun and stressless way!
Kids Math 123 provides a first introduction to simple addition and subtraction equations! Your child will be rewarded with cute and lovable animations that will jump out and keep them interested, if they get the answers right! Simply drag the correct answer to each equation and solve the puzzle! This is a specially built educational game for toddlers that will hold their attention to learn math.

All math games in Kids Math 123 come with a Learning and a Quiz mode. Learning mode is an easy introduction to math. Once your child understands Learning mode, let them try the Quiz mode! There, they will attempt to solve the equations without assistance!

Voice overs are provided by professional voice artistes who deliver accurate enunciation of numbers and words. Encouragement sentences are also spoken whenever the answer is correct. Let your toddler learn correctly through positive reinforcement

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