Understanding Numerology

Get Your Numerology Reading this guide to numerology marriage compatibility we’ll give you some simple and easy to use approaches to finding out your marriage compatibility with other people as per numerology.

Numerology is an excellent way to get predictions about how successful your marriage or not be and doing so is pretty easy too.

The very first thing that you’ll want to do with marriage numerology compatibility predictions is to figure out your own life (or psyche number) path as well as that of the person that you want to marry. If you don’t already know your life path then you can use the calculator over at to get it.

Once you know your life path here’s a guide to who you would be most compatible with in marriage:

Life Path 1: These people are disciplined and strong and they are best to marrying people with a number of 3, 2 or 9.

Life Path 2: These people are both graceful and artistic and are best to a 1, 3 or 2.

Life Path 3: These people are spiritual and extremely friendly and their best marriage matches are 1, 9 and 2.

Life Path 4: These people are extremely dependable and their best marriage matches are 5, 7 and 8.

Life Path 5: These people love to grow their knowledge and build their intellect and their best matches are 1, 6 and 4.

Life Path 6: These people are extremely convincing and very romantic and their best matches are those with a life path of 4, 8 or 5.

Life Path 7: These people are extremely private and often very intellectual. Their best matches are 1, 9 and 2.

Life Path 8: These people are extremely driven and they love status. They are best matched to a 2 or 1.

Life Path 9: These people are full of empathy and they are extremely compassionate and their best marriage matches are 1, 5 and 4..


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