Numerology Birthday Numbers

888 665 6068 World Renowned numerologist AstroNumerologist Jesse Kalsi discusses the astrology and numerology of number 8. of “The Power Of Home Numbers” Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood MegaStar wears a blue sapphire which is a number 8 stone. Chapter 8: Saturn – The number 8, which represents Saturn, comes in many forms: 8 by itself, 17,26,35,44,53,62,71,89, and 98. Saturn energy is very powerful, but also very tricky. Saturn represents big business, corporations, and the real estate business. It also tends to attract Uranus and Venus energies on dates of birth and name numbers. These combinations, whenever they come together, are very destructive. (see example video “Solyndra”)
People born with Saturn birth dates or with Saturn name numbers rise to success and are seen and known by the world. Many famous personalities, like Barbara Walters, Tom Cruise, Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Katie Couric, Michael Jackson, and Imran Khan ( a famous cricket player) have this energy on their names.
The number 8 (representing Saturn) is very powerful by itself. It brings success and wealth in large portions to the right people. I’ve heard many people from the Far East talk about the number 8, and just choose it blindly. I’ve also heard some famous numerologist, on syndicated shows, talk about the number 8, and tell their listeners to “write a number 8” in their wallets to bring in money. This makes no sense; anyone with Saturn energy on his/her name or residence would feel the negative effects of Saturn very quickly by using additional Saturn energy, even a number 8 in the wallet.
The energy of Saturn demans discipline and karumdatta (the duty to follow thrugh and complete karmically correct and required actions). An alternate name for the planet Saturn is also “Karumdatta.” It also brings great fame and success as a name.


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