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Have you been seeing the repeated number 818 a lot recently? 818 popping up on your clock, on your receipts or other interesting places? Check out this video explainng angel number 818!!

Numerology 818 number 818 is comprised of the number 8 and number 1 energy. Number 8 is a munber of personal power, self-confidence, inner strength, material success, manifesting abundance and wealth and self sufficiency. The number 1 deals with creation, starting new things, independence, motivation, will power, and moving forward. Angel number 818 also has the number 88 and 18 energies embedded in them. 88 is a number indicating to keep your finances in check. They will need to be used to further your success but you still need to put in the work to solidify what you want in your life. 18 is a number telling you to stay positive about thoughts of manifesting abundance. Keep a positive attitude towards your work and you’ll be successful.

All in all, Angel number 818 is a message saying that the ball is in your court. You have the needed to bring abundance into your life but we still need to put in the actual work to make our desires a reality. We have to take control of our lives and think outside the box and be a little more creative to bring in abundance in our lives. This messages can perceived as good or bad depending on the person. We always have the ability to fix any of our problems and Angel number 818 is a number saying that you definitely have the around you but use them wisely!!

repeated number 818
angel number 818
repeated angel number 818
angel number 818 meaning
repeated number 818 meaning

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