Numerology Proof

FULL Diet – 3 Steps to Eating Spiritually Using the Science of Numerology

FOR NUMEROLOGY FOLLOWERS: How your life path number changes the food you eat. Did you know that there are specific foods designed for your life path number which align you with the vibrational patterns the Universe? Did you know that there is a simple, fool-proof way to determine the foods your life path number should be eating daily-and that these foods not only balance your spirit’s vibrations with the energy of Allthey also can boost your health, energy, and even restore your ideal body weight? What we’ve learned is once you accept the foods that generate the highest vibrational energy into your life, and reduce the foods that block these vibrational patterns, life begins to open up like a flower opens to the sun. You’ve probably had a coach at one point in your life. Your life in this plane of existence is too short to waste on guesswork, which often puts you into confusing states of frustration or doubt.”



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