Numerology Birthday Numbers

How Can Your Birth Date Contribute to Your Did you know that the day you were born can actually contribute to your feelings of Your birth date can reveal cycles of low periods. Your birth name can identify long and short term cycles. These cycles can prove to be challenging. Understanding when they start and when they stop can help you to navigate through them so much better! For further reference you want to visit my for a clearer understanding of life path numbers and how they are calculated. can also check out the 9 year cycle and how it affects your journey. birth code is perfect for you….with or without The trick to rising above the is to stay in alignment with your purpose for being here! Your birth code explains what your lessons are, what your talents are….what your purpose is AND what the cycles are. If you are disconnected from your soul’s contract that YOU wrote for yourself….is it any wonder you feel lost? Let me help you discover ways to embrace your journey! Be sure to check out my for all things Numerology! me on Twitter! me on.


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