Numerology Documentary

This is Bruce Keiffer.

I am a practicing numerologist.

This means by using the numbers in a birth date, or in the universe, of having the ability to tap into it.

You might dispell what I said, yet what I am about to share with you
is important.

I think of Numerology as a GPS.
It works for me.

Can you do the same?

That’s up to you, I suppose.


Watch this one as soon as you can. The power of the triple energy day is coming quickly!!

9/9, 9/18, 9/27

This year it’s a very powerful 1 day. And this is a 1 year also.

What this means.
Amplified energy.

What you can do.
Remain calm under stress
Be Proactive, not reactive.

Use the power of your inner self to guide you.
it will show you the way, yet it is important to
listen to it, as it speaks to you.

Magnified energy is nothing to fool with.

About This Video.

I made this a few years back yet here in 2017 in a
Powerful potent 1 year, along with the recent Eclipse,
Harvey, and Irma, and other forces in effect, It takes contact info is


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