Numerology Meanings

Numerology is a pathway to finding out these answers and gaining a better understanding of how our lives work and why things are the way they are. Some good questions are

Where is My Life Going?
Who Am I Really?
Why Dont Things Go The Way I Want?
When Will I Make it to Where Im Going?
What Am I Doing Here?
Why Do I Act Like I Do?

People often ask themselves these questions even though at times they dont even realize it. In Numerology, the keys for finding your life purpose are contained in two sets of extremely personal numbers, which are your birth date and your birth name.

Numerology is a system based on the works of the ancient Chinese, Romans, Jews, Egyptians, and Greeks. It was then developed on by Pythagoras, who was a philosopher and mathematician back in the 6th century. Pythagoras, Buddha, and Confucius no longer explained the world from a standpoint of mythology, but turned to processes and physical forces for explanations. Pythagoras had a great theory and philosophy that simply stated says All is number


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