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Numerology Meanings Calculations – The letters making up your first name and the numbers of your birth date are used for your personal numerology calculation, which also has a hand to play in your Numerology Predictions. What is numerology? A sample reading typical of numerology calculations will explore and analyze the path of your life based on your birth date.

Name Numerology and Your Birth Date

We will your birth name in numbers to uncover your number. This is then used to outline your possible instinctive talents and how to really make the best of what you are naturally good at. And then, your sample reading will show your “Souls Urge” , or “Your hearts Desire”. This relates What You Desire To Be, What You Wish To Have, and want to do in Your Life – also outlining the kind of obstacles you will have to beat to get what you want.

Numerology numbers have been an element of human history for more than four thousand years and numerology calculations have been sought by the rich and powerful.. Discovery of very old cultures all over the world have uncovered the use of numerology in some form or another. What we know as numerology in the present day is mostly based on the studies of Pythagorus – known as the father of modern maths. An Individual number represents universal laws by which everything evolves and continues to expand in a cyclical manner. The digits one to nine represent the phases through which all ideas must pass before becoming reality. Each manifestation in our physical plane is produced by these stages. As human beings, part of our physical journey on this earthly plane is to pass through the vibrational frequencies created by each digit.

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