Numerology Meanings


Numerology: A guide to name change is aimed at individuals who want a DIY approach to changing their names by applying the principles of Numerology. It can quickly become expensive to use the professional services of organizations like the Kabalarians to do this.

However this is a Name Numerology manual that will more than effectively guide you quickly through the understanding of the principles required to accurately

apply the powerful and ancient art of numerology to choosing a balanced name for yourself, child or business entity.

This a very important book aimed primarily at enabling you choose wisely when deciding on a new name.

This is something not to be taken lightly especially when considering the power inherent in a name.

You can even apply the techniques in this book for naming a new-born if you so desire. It is pertinent that you bestow yourself or your business with the name that not only will be suitable from a personality and temperament perspective but also based on what you are

looking to achieve in the long term.

The question is this; can a name be that powerful? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things what we are called? Is it just superstition or new age thinking? What is in a name? We will discover in this volume the answers to these important questions and more. The answer is indeed a resounding yes! There is great power in a name! But how can this be? How does my name affect my life?

The most important thing to understand about names is that they contain immense power and ability to influence the course of our lives for good or not so good. What you are called every day can determine in the long run the direction of your attitude and propensities.

Come with me and we shall explore the magical and amazing power inherent in a name.


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