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Mulank 7 is ruled by Varun planet. In Vedic astrology sometime Varun refer as Ketu. In western numerology Varun is known as Neptune planet. To know the characteristics of mulank 7 watch the video till end.
Below we are giving a list in which mulank and corresponding planet with that mulank is given:-

Mulank 1 – Sun ( Surya)
Mulank 2 – Moon ( Chandra)
Mulank 3 – Jupiter ( Guru or Brahaspati)
Mulank 4 – Rahu ( Uranus)
Mulank 5 – Mercury ( Budh)
Mulank 6 – Venus ( Shukra)
Mulank 7 – Varun or Ketu ( Neptune)
Mulank 8 – Saturn ( Shani)
Mulank 9 – Mars ( Mangal)

For analysis which Mulank you are watch the Full Numerology to VedicAstro channel for more us on us on any query or suggestion contact us- watch: ” Little Finger in Palm Reading Little/Pinky finger”.


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