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Numerology: Mulank 8 Saturn Numerology in Hindi,
Mulank 8 is ruled by saturn. Numerology is all about numbers and cosmic viberation with that number which directly influence your life in many manners. Here we will try to understand, what impact saturn will make over mulank 8. For better understanding watch the video till end.
Below we are giving a list in which mulank and corresponding planet with that mulank is given:-

Mulank 1 – Sun ( Surya)
Mulank 2 – Moon ( Chandra)
Mulank 3 – Jupiter ( Guru or Brahaspati)
Mulank 4 – Rahu ( Uranus)
Mulank 5 – Mercury ( Budh)
Mulank 6 – Venus ( Shukra)
Mulank 7 – Varun or Ketu ( Neptune)
Mulank 8 – Saturn ( Shani)
Mulank 9 – Mars ( Mangal)

Watch the Full Numerology to VedicAstro channel for more us on us on any query or suggestion contact us- watch: ” Little Finger in Palm Reading Little/Pinky finger” numerology in hindi.


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