Understanding Numerology

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In the field of numerology your personal year is used to determine what sort of year lay ahead of you and by learning more about your personal year number you can even make predictions about what in store for you over the course of the next year. And in today’s numerology video we’ll be taking a closer look at the personal year 5 and what it means for those that possess this personal year number!

Personal year 5 is all about sensuality and exploration and if you possess this personal year number then get ready because it’s likely that you’re in for some adventure this year!

This is the perfect time to explore your relationships on a deeper and more meaningful level. If you’re in a newly found relationship then this is the perfect time to really test out how deep your love goes and to try to take things to the next level.

The 5 year cycle is also the perfect time to let loose and indulge yourself in a new hobby or project that interests you. Just make sure that you don’t forget about your responsibilities and don’t take on TOO much!


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