Understanding Numerology

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Wondering what kind of year you are going to have? Then you should be learning more about your ‘personal year number’ which can tell you just that! And in today’s video we’ll be taking a closer look at personal year number 8 and what it means for those that are going through this personal year number.

Personal year number 8 is all about material enrichment and focus and it’s during this year that you’re most likely to experience financial prosperity and material gains of all sorts.

During this year you are likely to do things like get a great new job or get a healthy salary raise at your current place of employment. It’s also the year that you are most likely to start a business or successful entrepreneurial endeavour.

It’s also the year where you can expect to develop a lot of self respect. Don’t back down and don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to be successful. Just make sure that you stay humble and good-willed despite any financial windfalls or successes that you experience during this personal year.


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