Understanding Numerology

. . So if youre a personality number 2 person yourself or know somebody who is than listen carefully!

The personality number two is all about balance. People that are born with this personality number have a knack and gift for being able to see all sides to an issue instead of just their own and as a result they are great for creating harmony in all situations. One thing that a personality number 2 person finds extremely unsettling is fighting, quarrelling, bickering and drama and they will do whatever they can to resolve a situation before it blows up.

Personality number 2 people are understanding and make for excellent diplomats. They are also extremely intuitive and can be very philosophical too with a tendency to think deeply about issues that concern them.

On the negative side personality number two people can be a bit pessimistic and can sometimes suffer from laziness however this is well balanced by their creativity and determination in life.


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