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Series of the numerology study video lessons Your Name
The most frequently asked question was related to the name changes and how it reflects on the personality, success, life track, and fate in general.
The changes of name you can make are usually related to the short forms of your name, using a nickname during entertainment or work, the way your friends or beloved ones call you, also names for acting or writing pseudonyms, or any other versions of how you can be called.
But how the name we use in our everyday life (if it differs from the full one), with friends, after the marriage, or official change influences our destiny?
The destiny number, made from your full name supposes the evolution, increase and goal statement of your number holds unique information about your tendencies, abilities, talents, skills, including your negative and weak sides that accompany you through life.
Minor is created from your current name, the name you say to other people, and also last name and nicknames.
Change of your names are well thought out and often with helping their owner achieve success.
Sometimes pseudonyms and nicknames play a great role in popularizing and creating an image of the individual.

Test your name before change, to see its numerological meaning!
VeBest Numerology Calculator contains name analysis tool to easily analyze names, nicknames, or business.


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