Numerology Expression Numbers

Series of the numerology study video lessons – language of numbers
The basis of the numerological knowledge is the numbers from 1 to 9 and master numbers 11, 22 and 33.
In numerology there are four most important Core numbers that compose the Numerology of you. These are your Life Path number, number, Birth Day number and Heart’s Desire number.
1- Uniqueness, Talent, Governance, Leadership, and Revolution.
2- Collaboration, Closeness, Kindness, Harmony, and Assistance.
3- Entertainment, Optimism, Imagination, and Friendliness.
4- Order and Coordination, Assistance, Hard Work, Pragmatism.
5- Travel, Usage of Creativity, Variety and Liability, Love, Empathy, Comfort, Aid, and Guidance.
7- Analytic Skills, Thoughtfulness, Truth-Seeking, and Spirituality
8- Materialistic Approval, Achievement, Striving for Success, and Acknowledgment.
9- Altruism, Humanitarianism, Generosity, Sympathy.
11- Spiritual Messenger.
22- Master Builder.
33- Master Teacher..


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