Numerology Proof

In this episode we have a potential Illuminati Member who is slightly intoxicated. We request evidence to prove the Illuminati still exist to this day!

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Ask Me Luminarium represents a place where Fact, Theory, and Fiction collide in a symphony and sometimes a cacophony of ideas. As a for well over a decade of the unusual and the well hidden, I have dedicated part of my time revealing the things I have come across. Some of these things are easily provable if you are willing to constrain your bias. Some of these things are only theories based on some facts with a sprinkle of hypothesis, and some I have found to be complete fabrications that even the best fiction would be proud to be the creator of. Come join me on a journey to discover new ideas, and help prove or disprove information based on facts with as little bias as possible.

Major Topics of Discussion:
Religion, Spirituality, Mythology
New World Order, Illuminati, Conspiracy
Science, Philosophy, Psychology
Magick, Qabalah, Occult
Paranormal, Extra-Terrestrials, Annunaki
Numerology, Gematria, Astrology
Etymology, Symbology, Sacred Geometry
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