Numerology Proof

On a game night the Chicago Bulls vs. It shows a guy dress in all white in a God image holding a rose with the sun and water in the background as if something has died are about to die which is the world. On to the next scene. Here he is dress in all black acting real devilish he even have a tail like a animal the goat. But as you can see he’s yelling out 126 with fire all around 126 but why ? Because in numerology you can reduce a triple digit number into a single digit number. 126 reduces to a 9 which means hidden evil thats why you see fire all around 126 as he yells it and if you turn the 9 around you get a 6. On the scene with the flashing lights he’s using Magic abracadabra to hypnotize you and program you into submitting to the mark of the Beast. On the next scene with the guy on the roller coaster he’s losing his soul as he take the mark of the Beast. Look closely he’s losing his soul. Channel 126 in with the all seeing eye in the background and look at 126 yucky don’t you think. Their he is again abracadabra hypnotizing people with the black and white good vs evil Masonic symbolism. The next scene the raise of Satan 126 raising before our eyes 126/9/6 Motel 6 Dre Beats with the b I mean 6 it’s everywhere slowly but surely they taking over but getting side tracked. The next scene he says 126 you should carve it on your forehead. And if you look closer to the right side to the back you’ll see a big 6 in Plain Sight with one on the floor and 126 all over the room 666. Not to get sidetrack even tho I don’t read are believe in the Bible but they did say in the Bible you trust that you will have to take the mark of the Beast but who you think wrote it ? Next scene gonna tell you three more times now 126 126 126 666 with red and black in the background red stands for Danger and black death. Brainwashing hypnotizing numerology secret society. The End Is Near. The End Of The World. Life path number 1. Master number 11.


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