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Sheelaa Bajaj S is a celebrity Numerologist, Tarot Reader and Life Coach.
Sheelaa ji is an expert in increasing to luck factor in one’s life and making them more successful with ease.
Sheelaa ji uses various methods to achieve this in a customised manner for each person, business, marriage, finances or career.
One method used is the analysis of the date of birth of a person and the name and if there is an imbalance in the planetary energy.
Sheelaa ji has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her Name Corrections, Healing and Rewiring your Brain Techniques.
Her clients include celebrities, businessmen, professionals, house wives, politicians and people from all walks of life.

Sheelaa ji is an accomplished who has a book on relationships and Love called “The Love Mirage” available on ji is also a certified Feng Shui Master from Lilian Too academy, Healer and Money Coach. Sheelaa conducts life transformation classes, which have made remarkable impact on people’s lives.

Sheelaa has been on various Radio channels for the past 10 years and currently does a show in Bangalore with Fever 104.
Sheelaa Bajaj S currently has a daily on India Today Tez channel, @ 9 AM and 15:30 PM on the program Khush Raho, which is the video that is uploaded above.

For Personal Consultations to transform your life you can reach Sheelaa at:

Call 88800 30213
9900120034 – whatsapp @sheilabajaj.


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