Numerology Tarot

Numerology & Astrology all-in-1 App for iPad

Tarot eco-system of Tarot Decks, Spreads, Card lookup references, Tarot Readers & Tarot Artists.

All Pythagorean Numerology calculators for Names & Birthdate.

Standard 78 Tarot Card Deck with over 30 different spreads and the option of using reversed cards
Complete set of Pythagorean Numerology calculators
Intuitive card & deck selection. You pick the cards. Not the software.
In-App Tarot Deck Store. more Tarot Decks & start a collection!
Tarot Deck Creator. Use the device camera or upload your own art work to make your own Tarot Cards & Decks.
Tarot card reference guide with internet book marked make this a powerful Tarot learning tool.
Tarot Tips. to aid learning Tarot.
100% & unrestricted functionality.

Numerology Calculators covering:
Name Numerology
Forecasting (Personal day, month & year),
Life Path & Destiny Numerology with cycles etc.
Numerology Essence (combines name & D.o.B)

78 card Digital Tarot Deck (Rider-Waite 1909)
30+ Tarot Spreads, including The Celtic Cross.
Tarot Deck Store. Browse new decks, buy and install in-app.
Interactive Tarot card help with bookmarks to internet for further card meaning Save your spreads with notes and keep a journal
See your Tarot Trends over lunar month as well as all time.
Need help with a spread or problem? Submit it to one of our Tarot Readers for a professional psychic reading.

Combined Tarot & Numerology day & week forecasting.
Tarot event timing spread using the “find the Wheel of Fortune” method. Incredibly accurate!
Basic Astrology information. Current moon phase and sun and moon zodiac position.

Tarot Decks available for in-app purchase
Tarot of Dreams – Ciro Legacy of the Divine Tarot – Ciro Tarot Royale – Ciro Tarot de Maria Celia – Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
Tarocchi Di Marcelo Inciso – Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
CBD Tarot de Marseille – Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov Aquatic Tarot – Andreas Schroter Tarocco Soprafino – Carlo della Rocca BlueDogRose Tarot – Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
Badgers Forest Tarot – Nakisha E. VanderHoeven
The Short Hand Tarot – Markus Pfeil
Tarot of the Apocalypse – Swiatosaw Nowicki
The BirdQueen Tarot – Gretchen Diehl
The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot – Lorelei Douglas
The Lilith Bible Tarot – Lorelei Douglas.


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