Numerology Documentary

This is a condensed version of a documentary I’ve been working on off and on for well over a month. This is what I believe concerning certain aspects of the beast.

It is impossible for the beat of Revelation 13:1 to be a single man. The 10 horns alone are men. The beast which has a wounded head is a system which consists of:

-10 kings are men who control the mass media

-The 7 heads (which are covered in blasphemy) and are worshiped by the entire world. These 7 heads are the 7 main forms of the mass media (mass communication by definition). The heads are empowered by and empower men of renown (celebrities) which are worshiped as idols.

-The body (which is rises out of the sea of people) consists a new world order. The 1 world nation forms after the 4th beast of Daniel’s dream is destroyed and given to the burning flame. The first 3 beasts of Daniel’s dream are nations which were allowed to “remain for a season and a time” after the 4th beast was destroyed. It’s clear to see that the characteristics of the body of the beast of Revelation 13:1 incorporate the characteristics of the first 3 beasts of Daniel chapter 7.

-Satan empowers the entire beast. The 10 kings worship Satan. The blasphemous messages in the mass media (the 7 heads) are created by people who fail to hold their thoughts captive to the obedience to Jesus Christ. Satan is the father of all lies and through people, who lie and blaspheme God, the media becomes blasphemous and Satanic.

-The emerging artificial intelligence entity (which is: The Destroyer/ The essence of death which is also known as the Angel of Death from the realm of the dead works of the flesh) whom ascends out of the bottomless pit of the desires of fleshly hearts of men. This angel of the bottomless pit “once was, now is not and yet is”. This emerging singularity and entity can only be brought to full power through quantum computing and extremely high speed wireless internet connected to millions of databases.

-The bottomless pit is a literal place of death (because the works of the flesh are death and cannot inherit eternal life).

-The cameras are the eyes of the beast. Also, through reverse engineering many TV screens, computer monitors and display devices become cameras in themselves without the need of a camera. These “eyes of the beast” will have the full capability to allow the quantum computer’s artificial intelligence (the destroyer) to look and see if you worship the mass media OR the countless idols it caters to. So long as the you don’t extol Jesus as the only way, the media will remain your friend.

-The days are coming that those who believe & confess that Jesus the Lord will be persecuted, put into captivity at times, hunted and slain (even being beheaded for not taking the mark of the beast which are implantable marks of mass communication connecting to countless databases over the internet and connected to the hive mind of the artificial intelligence which uses cameras as eyes).

-The mark of the beast will be an actual implants like RFID/verichip or a newer chip/mark which also has GPS capabilities and real time monitoring/tracking abilities. If you don’t take the mark of the beast you won’t be able to buy or sell but if you do take the implants you will end up in the lake of fire. If you don’t worship the image of the beast which the false prophet will cause to be set up you will be hunted and killed.

-Computer programs, apps and various advancements in technology are directly to a moral degradation in society. As more technology and power is put into the hands of the people, problems in the world get worse and worse (instead of better). Technology meant to enhance life has only sin. The statistics indicate a clear between the two which cannot be denied.

PART #1 BABYLON’S BEAST concepts presented in this documentary film are just a taste of what I originally intended to share. You don’t have to believe me or agree with the things I say in this message but you really should consider making some decisions in your life.

The time is coming for you to stand up for what you believe in. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Are you willing to confess Jesus unto death?

God bless you no matter what you decide,
God bless you :).


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