Numerology Documentary

DVS Mindz was an underground rap music group from Topeka, Kansas that was active primarily from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. The group’s name stands for Dope Versatile Styles Manifested IN a Direction to Zucceed. The group’s classic lineup consisted of four MCs: Str8jakkett, Killa The Hun, D.O.P.E., DL; and a DJ, Kutaculous. The group’s sound was sparse, with raw beats and furious, nonstop rhyming from all members. While the group had very catchy material, many of its songs featured no chorus, just a sparse beat and verse after verse from the MCs. The group’s were packed with inside jokes, mythology, pop-culture references, puns, numerology, religion, violence, and obscure references to the group’s history. Each member also had alter egos and pseudonyms, and they sometimes rapped in those voices (For example Str8Jakkett had another alter ego known as “Rex”). During its decade-long career, DVS Mindz released one critically acclaimed CD, and opened for a number of notable rap acts, including Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Sugarhill Gang, Redman, De La Soul, Digital Underground, Das EFX, Black Sheep, and Goodie Mob.



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