Numerology Guides

Abbreviated version:
00-09 Years Old: Bringing spirit into life
10-19 Years Old: Establishing independence and self-awareness
20-29 Years Old: Pursuing relationships, finding a place to belong and support
30-39 Years Old: Creating something, revealing yourself to the world
40-49 Years Old: Work and effort toward a solid and secure foundation
50-59 Years Old: Liberation from the old, discovering pleasure and Years Old: Being the caretaker, hub of a family/community
70-79 Years Old: Diving into & sharing the mystical/unseen of life, being in solitude
80-89 Years Old: Balancing physical/spiritual, being a leader with your Years Old: Letting go, imagining what is on the ‘other side,’ passionate opinion

Check out my and let me know what decade YOU are in, and what you are learning from it. :).


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