Numerology Tarot

So I sat this weekend in my special little reading room I have set up for my online audio readings and well, did an online reading forecast for the week ahead.
I know though some of you do love my written ones so this is a little summary of what I talked about on my youtube reading for the week ahead.
Last week was a tough one and many of us hibernated knowing that it would be rather intense, a little dangerous even, and certainly dramatic.
A Full Moon in Capricorn wants us to finally, and I mean finally, get all that hidden crap out from within and release it once and for all.
”Take all those fears and uncertainties of yourselves and the future and get them out!”
Let them go!!”
We start this week on a (9)
An end of a chapter, the start to releasing the past and resolving the past, to create a period that we can now look forward.
”One I hope with a clean slate, an honest slate. ”
Our Totem this week;
Spider walks with us this week and Spider medicine teaches us to live in our own webs of truth, to be ourselves and not place our happiness into others. – To be creative and create the life we know we deserve. Stay away from those individuals that really only want for themselves and do not have your best interests at heart.
Our Crystal this week is black obsidian; Protect yourself, remove any toxic angry dramatic energy from your lives and create a more protective environment. A more peaceful one this week in healing and you will thrive.
The law of attraction is with us in relationships this week. You will attract this week what you put out there so be as warm, loving, forgiving and positive as you can be.
Surrender to outdated beliefs about yourself also this week. Let the person you are today be what reflects out at you in your mirror and let others see that soul also. Namaste Leonie Faye


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