Numerology Video Report

It’s all well and good going through the theory and other peoples results studying numerology but what about insights into your own life?

A lot of our videos cover learning the how and why of it all and you can use these to start learning and finding insights yourself (in fact we thoroughly encourage you to do so) but this takes time to master and while you’re doing that you can click here to get a (free) video report specific to you.

That’s the key thing. There’s no point in details about someone else because the numbers are “more or less the same”. It just doesn’t work like that. I see people do this and I just want to shake them and tell them they’re wasting their time. And what if they start making decisions based on this useless information?

We deal with a lot of ‘Numerology is nonsense’ stuff on our page and group chats.

And we usually find one of two things.

  1. The person just didn’t bother to actually look at anything. It’s usually entertaining when they actually start and make comparisons to their own life.
  2. They were not using personalized data. They found someone with a similar date of birth for example and thought ‘good enough’.

Whether you’re here to learn to understand this yourself or you’re just interested in the how and why of it all it’s worth getting a report done because insights into your own life will be a lot easier to gauge than other peoples.

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We cover a lot (and I do mean a lot) of topics in our daily numerology videos however we can’t possibly manage to do one for every single one of our visitors like this. If you really want some useful information you need to learn to get the specifics from your own numbers and/or use these guys. They also offer a bunch of video training courses kind of similar to what we have here except maybe a little more structure if you want to further your learning.