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PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT GUIDE: BEGINNERS VIDEO COURSE: MORE VIDEOS, LIVE WEBINARS, AND PRIVATE READINGS: guides are on a higher dimension than us here on the physical realm so if you want to connect with them or communicate with them then you need to raise or lighten your own vibration. A spirit guide is subtle and they are there to assist you when asked. Here are 3 ways to contact your guides.
My first contact method is thru work. I like to reach my guides through a spirit guide I start in a quiet spot and sit down with my hands on my knees. Whatever is comfortable works. Take a few deep cleansing breaths. Now relax and imagine that a ball of beautiful light is radiating out above your head and then imagine that it is slowly descending over your head and down your body. Its filling your body with white light and radiating out, around you and protecting you. Now, ask your guides to raise your vibration to match their vibration. And with your eyes closed, you will use a visualization method which is done with your third eye chakra, to make a connection. The creative imagination is a wonderful tool to use when working with the spirit world. The unconscious part of the mind is your direct connection to the astral realm. Its like a channel. Our dreams come from the unconscious part of the mind. Visions, intuitive insight, and clairvoyance are all part of this area of the mind and the third eye chakra must be open to use these visualization techniques effectively.
This is my visualization process. Imagine you are walking down a flight of stairs and then thru a door into a garden. Now, Imagine that you see your guide off at a distance in your visualization. Just allow it to happen. Walk toward the guide and then sit and have a conversation. Try it out. And there are two things that you need to do after your First, you must shut down your channel so it doesnt remain open to other entities. All you do is imagine that the light that is radiating from you goes dim and then dark. The second thing is to journal. Write down whatever messages you received from your guides. It could all be symbolic or it could be direct messages. If you received a number from your guide then write that number down and look up Angel Numbers or numerology to understand the message.
The second way to connect with your guides is thru dream work. Before you go to bed ask a question and then go to sleep with the intention of talking with your guides. You will likely wake up in the middle of the night. When you do, it is imperative that you write down the dream. You will not remember in the morning.
The final way is to ask a psychic for a spirit guide reading. But I suggest It is the best way to open your channel to the astral plain and connect with your own spirit guides. It might take you a couple of days of work or a couple of weeks of work. But if you really want the direct contact, then just be persistent and it will happen. In the below, tell me if you try the or the dream work and how it works out for you. And be patient. Make sure you are relaxed when you do this work and try it a few times. .and let me know if you have any questions.

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