Numerology Birthday Numbers

Find your birth number : Number 7 Meaning

People having number 7 vibrations are those who are born on 7 , 16 , 25 of a month.

Character of number 7 people:

Number 7 stands in symbolism for the planet Neptune.

Number 7 people are very independent, original and have a strongly marked individuality.

They love change and travel.

They are restless in nature.They read books on travel and have wide knowledge of the world.They often make extremely good writers, poets and painters. They have a peculiar philosophical outlook on life which tinges all their work.

They care little about material things of life.They become rich through original methods of business.

They make large donations for charitable activities.They refuse to follow the beaten track and make their own religion.

Auspicious days : Sundays and Mondays.

Lucky Colors : All shades of green , pale shades and also white.

Lucky Stones : Moonstones , cat’s eyes and pearls..


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