Understanding Numerology

Address Numerology calculator + Your & PERSONALIZED Numerology Reading no secret that numbers carry vibrations and it’s because of this that your home address can play a large role in your life’s trajectory as well as in how you relate to others.

To learn more about yourself through house address numerology you must first determine your numerology address number which you can do by using a address numerology calculator like the one found over at you know you’re address number – here’s what each number mean:

Address Number 1: If you got an address number of 1 then you are an independent spirit and your home definitely reflects this. Your house is also a place a leadership, drive and it can help to boost people’s determination and self esteem.

Address Number 2: People living at a number 2 address tend to have more cozy and intimate homes and prefer to be comfortable and safe from the disappointments of life. You are private and intimate and prefer a small group of good friends rather than a huge social life.

Address Number 3: If you’re number is 3 then you are the type to have a lot of social gatherings because of your happy nature. Number three addresses are also extremely suitable for families since three symbolizes the beginning of unions.

Address Number 4: Number 4 addresses are ideal for those looking for stability and security. It’s also perfect for those looking to make big financial investments.

Address Number 5: Address numbers of 5 are perfect for party goers and action seekers and although these houses can tend to be the loudest on the block you can guarantee that they are always full of fun.

Address Number 6: Six homes are perfect for those that are attracted to beauty, creativity and harmony. They’re also ideal for young couples and families since they are all about love.

Address Number 7: These houses are perfect for and writers who want to ponder the secrets of the universe in a quiet and calm environment.

Address Number 8: Number eight homes are ideal for people who strive to succeed in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Address Number 9: These homes are ideal for compassionate and loving people who use their intuition to get through life..


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